Our Team

Aaron Shapiro

Managing Partner

Since entering the marketing world Aaron was drawn to analytics and the optimization of media campaigns. With the amount of data and platforms available today the advertising world is an exciting and complex environment. In his current role Aaron is responsible for the day to day management of clients and campaigns. He also evaluates and integrates new products in order to keep ESM clients ahead of the pack. Prior to Electric Symphony Media, Aaron worked at Clear Channel, and Time Warner Cable managing direct and agency accounts. He earned a BA from American University.

Fun Fact: If Aaron could be anyone else for a day, he’d be Zac Efron.


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Dave Hassard

Managing Partner

Dave has natural curiosity and passion about the future of advertising. With a background in both digital and traditional media, he is continually searching for innovative ways to bridge the power of branding mediums, with the efficiencies of digital marketing. In his current role, Dave is responsible for product development and strategic planning. Prior to founding Electric Symphony Media, Dave spent 12 years working for Time Warner Cable Media (TWC). While at TWC he oversaw digital sales and new products for the New York City Region. He earned a BA in Communications from Clemson University.

Fun Fact: Dave appeared on TV twice as a child, once when he was 3 years old and again with several of his friends in elementary school.


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Patrick Carroll

Managing Partner

Pat has expansive knowledge of the automotive, retail, and entertainment segments. Previously he managed sales at Time Warner Cable Media with responsibilities including conducting strategy and executing media plans for agencies and direct clients. Pat began his career in the Hartford/New Haven market where he gained five years of mid-market experience working for the local ABC affiliate. He then moved to the New York market selling both spot cable and interactive products before moving into management. He earned a BA in Mass Communications from Quinnipiac University.

Fun Fact: Pat’s guidance counselor in High School said with his grades and aptitude, he would probably fare well as a farmer.


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Lisa Lucibello

Managing Director

Graduated from: Rochester Institute of Technology, BS in Advertising and Public Relations

Previous Experience: Marketing Manager at Walnut Creek Downtown, Marketing Associate at San Diego Beer and Wine Tours

Likes: Discovering new restaurants

Passionate about: Trying a new cheese at least once a week

Fun Fact: Calls her parents by their first names

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Logan Bronson

Director of Reporting & Analytics

Graduated from: Johns Hopkins University, BA in International Studies and Political Science

Previous Experience: Research at Asymmetric Studies Institute, ICM Partners, Motion Picture Literary

Likes: Traveling to new places with friends, skiing, trying to watch all the nominated films before the Oscars

Passionate about: Convincing her roommates that there’s DEFINITELY enough space in their tiny apartment to foster a dog

Fun Fact: Keeps a personal stockpile of hot sauce in the office

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Ivaliese Chihimie

Group Strategy Director

Graduated from: Rutgers University, BA in Communications and Public Relations

Previous Experience: Communications Strategy at AARP NJ State Office, Communications Specialist at Siemens Corporation

Likes: Music festivals, cooking, red wine

Passionate about: Christmas and finding the best mac and cheese in the tristate area.

Fun Fact: Has read all 13 of the Series of Unfortunate Events books… three times

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Shannon Toth

Group Operations Director

Graduated from: University of Delaware, BS in Marketing

Previous Experience: Social Media Marketing at luxury retail brand

Likes: Traveling somewhere new, happy hour, annoying her friends

Passionate about: Taylor ham & bagels

Fun Fact: Swam the the Great Barrier Reef AND skydived, all within 24 hours

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Steven D'Ippolito

Account Manager

Graduated From: Iona College, BA in Marketing

Previous Experience: Marketing & Communications at SCHOTT North America

Likes: Jeopardy, the New York Giants, listening to new music

Passionate About: Stella D’oro Cookies

Fun Fact: Has seen The Shawshank Redemption more than 25 times

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Cara Travaglini

Client Services Manager

Graduated from: Virginia Tech, BS in Fashion Merchandising and Design

Previous Experience: Public Relations and Buying internships at small fashion companies based in NY/NJ

Likes: Reality TV, sushi, Hokie sports (when they’re not losing)

Passionate About: Skincare routines and online shopping

Fun Fact: Big fan of 80s music and classic rock- the first concert I ever went to was Pat Benatar when I was 12…everyone else there was over 50

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Meghan Galli

Media Services Manager

Graduated from: Ramapo College of New Jersey

Previous experience: Sales Representative at Northern Eagle Beverage Company

Likes: Working Out, Hiking, Music festivals, and going to the Jersey Shore

Passionate about: Anything Disney related

Fun fact: Obsessed with the Twilight trilogy (team Edward)

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Nishit Kadakia

Strategy & Analytics Executive

College: Stevens Institute of Technology 2023

Likes: Cooking, Soccer, Happy Hours, Traveling, Hiking, TV-Shows

Passionate about:Manchester United, Politics and Sports in general

Fun Fact: Loves recreating famous dishes from shows/movies

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Laura Hirsch

Account Executive

Graduated from: Sarah Lawrence College, Bachelor of Liberal Arts, Concentrations in Theater & English

Previous experience: Freelance Wardrobe technician and Costume Designer

Likes: Pesto, strawberries, poetry, 1930/40s screwball comedies, and Star Trek

Passionate about: Shakespeare, Accessibility, Libraries, and Dungeons & Dragons.

Fun fact: My cat Axii is named in part after a spell from The Witcher! 🙂

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Gabrielle Kovacs

Strategy Executive

Graduated from: Auburn University, B. A. in Public Relations

Previous Experience: Public Relations Intern at Inner Spark Creative

Likes: The Jersey Shore, music and concerts, art, dogs, dance

Passionate about: Auburn Football

Fun Fact: Has an extra tooth

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Sarah McRae

Client Services Executive

College: Elon University 2023

Likes: Taylor Ham Egg & Cheese Sandwiches, Crime Documentaries, Cold Brew, and Spending Time with Friends

Passionate about: Buffalo Chicken Dip!!!

Fun Fact: Visited Dubrovnik, Croatia where parts of Game of Thrones were filmed (one of her favorite shows).

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Victoria Favorito

Media Services Executive

Graduated from: Elon University, BA in Strategic Communications and Marketing

Previous Experience: Public relations intern at Procter and Gamble

Likes: Live music, wine tasting, playing tennis, and pizza

Passionate about: Exploring new places, trying new things, and Italian food

Fun Fact: I ran my first half marathon in Anchorage, Alaska. So far, I’ve completed four half marathons across the United States and have raised over $100,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

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Vaishali Dulani

Product Executive

College: Pace University, New York 2023

Likes: Likes-Sci-Fi movies, playing Badminton, swimming and of course

Passionate about: cooking and coming up with new recipes for fusion cuisine. Her father also taught her yoga, so she enjoy staying fit and

Fun Fact: A big foodie, and once tried fries with ice cream, which turned out to be an oddly satisfying combo.

Shivani Zaveri

Operations Coordinator

Graduated from: University of New Haven

Previous Experience: Brand & Marketing Executive

Likes: Painting, any adventure (have a huge bucket list), dancing, traveling, & cooking (sometimes)

Passionate about: Sunsets & pretty skies, golden hour girl forever, mountains are my escape, Taylor Swift & Avocados

Fun Fact: I’ve sat for 10 hours straight (in the night) to complete 2 huge canvas paintings before the exhibition day, of course because I spilled something on the original ones (so clumsy!), but the new ones turned out even better!!

Claire Castagno

Marketing Executive

Graduated from: Virginia Tech, B.A. in Public Relations

Previous Experience: Sports Editor for Virginia Tech’s Collegiate Times

Likes: skiing, 80s blues rock, breweries

Passionate about: college basketball, live music, and traveling

Fun Fact: I have been to three different continents within a week

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