Meet Cara Travaglini!

After initially joining the ESM team as an intern in the summer of 2021, Cara is quickly transitioned to a Client Services Coordinator! While her internship gave her a chance to gain hands on experience throughout ESM’s different departments, she ultimately decided Client Services was the perfect fit. Since beginning her media career with ESM she has moved up as a Client Services Executive. Cara credits the supportive atmosphere of the team, as well as her own excitement to learn, with her smooth transition from intern to full-time team member!

Outside of work, Cara loves to travel and get creative, especially when it comes to fashion or interior design. She dreams of one day buying a house in the mountains in the Pacific Northwest, where she can live with her boxer, Ozzie and spend her time relaxing and focusing on self care.

When she joined the team, Cara immediately felt at home at ESM and confident in her ability to grow into her role. She values the opportunity to continuously learn new things and the support of her coworkers and team. Throughout her time with ESM, not only has she grown professionally, but she has gained invaluable confidence, experience, and knowledge.

Fun Fact: Cara designed the class ring for her graduating class in college.