Meet Gabby Kovacs!

Gabby joined ESM in January 2023 as a Strategy Coordinator and has been working on the social media team and new business front. Prior to ESM, Gabby gained experience working for an advertising agency in Auburn, Alabama. So far, she has thrived at ESM because of the variable nature of her position; she enjoys the fact that it’s different everyday. Her first impression of leadership at ESM was very positive and felt like she is a good fit personality-wise as well as professionally. 

In her free time, Gabby loves going to concerts, and seeing a show at Red Rocks Amphitheater is on her bucket list. She lives close to the Jersey Shore and loves going to the beach (and sometimes bringing her dog, Chloe). One of her favorite travel destinations has been to Amsterdam, because of all the great art, but she hopes to make a trip to Switzerland someday. 

In the office, Gabby appreciates how friendly and helpful everyone is; everyone is very approachable. She learns best by doing, and has been asking questions and helping out with numerous different accounts to become the most well rounded employee possible. She views success as mastering skills she didn’t know before, and receiving positive feedback from internal and external teams.

Fun Fact: Gabby has 12 chickens!