Meet Victoria Favorito!

Meet Victoria Favorito! Victoria is a Product Coordinator who joined the ESM team this past September. In her position, Victoria collaborates and works closely with other members of the Product team across all of ESM’s platforms including social media, SEM, and digital DSPs to ensure a seamless and smooth campaign launch for all of our clients. Since joining the agency, Victoria has experienced tons of new learnings and opportunities for growth – so much more than she expected. She notes that all of these new learning opportunities wouldn’t be made possible without the supportive people she works with, which she also says is what she likes most about her job. 


Before joining ESM, Victoria worked in both luxury travel PR and corporate PR for Procter & Gamble. She realized it wasn’t a perfect fit for her, and wanted to make a pivot to advertising and within a smaller agency. Outside of work, Victoria likes trying new restaurants and doing yoga. While Victoria says she doesn’t run consistently, a fun fact about her is that she’s ran 4 half marathons with her mom in different cities across the country! 


At ESM, Victoria is known for her positive and kind demeanor and infectious enthusiasm towards all types of projects and helping out her team members in any way she can. Victoria defines success as anytime she’s doing something she’s passionate about or finding happiness in doing those things. We know Victoria will continue to grow, learn, and be successful both individually and for the larger agency team! 

Fun Fact:Victoria has been skydiving in Switzerland!