Meet Meghan!

Meet Meghan Galli! Meghan joined the Electric Symphony Media team in Spring of 2021 as a Client Services Coordinator on the newly created Client Services team. Since she started, Meghan has transitioned seamlessly into her Client Services Executive role while taking a strong lead on TV buying. ESM was the start of her career in advertising, following the completion of her marketing degree. Advertising has always been her passion, and she is very excited to be part of an organization as supportive and dynamic as ESM. 

Outside of work, Meghan prefers to spend her time outdoors, whether hiking at a national park, going down to the Jersey Shore, or attending music festivals (her favorite musician is Post Malone, by a long shot!). She also has a secret talent for Irish step dancing, which she did competitively until high school and still enjoys. 

At ESM, Meghan values the collaborative culture of the office; everyone is excited about the work and ready to help each other out whenever needed, while also capable of managing their own work independently. She believes that success is different for everyone, but that ESM gives everyone the opportunity to achieve success, no matter your definition.

Fun Fact: Meghan played trombone in high school!