Meet Logan!

When not swimming in the nearest available body of water, Logan can be found at ESM as Director of Analytics & Reporting. Having joined ESM right out of college in 2016, Logan was one of the first employees at our office in Hoboken, NJ, and has been integral to the rapid growth of the agency. At the same time, Logan has been able to grow with the agency–throughout the past five years she has been particularly grateful for the opportunities to learn, to try out different tasks and roles at the agency, and to see the impact of her work.

Outside of work, Logan loves spending time outdoors. A competitive swimmer throughout high school, she still swims every chance she gets, especially if she can swim in the ocean. To her friends, both personal and at ESM, she is known for being considerate and easy to get along with, but not without a penchant for sarcasm.

Logan values the collaborative and inclusive atmosphere of the ESM team, but ultimately believes that true success is not just about work. Instead, she believes that true success is when your projects and plans all serve the foundation you need to feel happy and fulfilled.

Fun Fact: If Logan had one superpower, she would be able to breathe underwater.