Meet Steven D’Ippolito!

In another life, he’s a sports announcer or a game show host, like his idol, Alex Trebek; at ESM, he is an invaluable member of our Account Management team. With a background in communications, Steven joined ESM at the beginning of 2021 as a full time intern and immediately jumped into managing paid social media campaigns. Although he had never done anything like it before, it helped him learn a new part of the marketing industry and made him a more rounded professional. Ultimately, his passion lies with client management and strategic planning, and upon completing his internship, he moved into his current role as Account Coordinator and since has transitioned to a leading Account Executive.

In his free time, Steven likes to spend time outdoors with friends, read, and travel. His family is Italian, and the countryside in Italy remains his favorite place in the world. Additionally, if he could learn anything in the world, he would love to learn to speak Italian fluently and impress his family.

Steven values the culture of ESM, which prioritizes investing in employees and encouraging professional growth. He’s become much more confident in his abilities since working at ESM, and his knowledge of the industry has grown exponentially. All of this contributes to his vision of success: taking pride in the things he has accomplished, knowing that he always gives his maximum degree of effort.

Fun Fact: Steven can touch his nose with his tongue!