Meet Shannon!

Meet Shannon Toth! In the three years that Shannon has been at ESM, she has become indispensable to the team, developing and heading her own group consistent of Client Services and Product. As the Group Operations Director, Shannon manages backend operations for order placement, trafficking, and pacing, while also managing her teams and participating in other ongoing projects.

When Shannon isn’t hard at work at ESM, she enjoys spending time with her friends, whether that’s going out for dinner or drinks, or traveling somewhere new! In fact, if she weren’t at ESM, she dreams of being a professional traveler, testing hotels, food, and attractions in new places. She would especially love to travel to the Amalfi coast in Italy, where she would love to swim and try new foods.

On the ESM team, Shannon is known for being outgoing, kind, and caring. She believes that being a good coworker is crucial, and in turn appreciates the fun and encouraging environment of ESM. When she joined ESM, she was immediately impressed by the culture and the leadership, which encourages employees to grow, while keeping the team small and connected. Over the past two years, Shannon has learned more about media than she ever expected, and she is very proud of the growth that she has accomplished!

Fun Fact: Shannon was a figure skater throughout middle school, and participated in an exchange program to Holland.