Meet Dave Hassard!

One of the three co-founders and managing partners at ESM, Dave oversees strategic planning, operations, and product development. In the years since ESM’s founding, he has found it extremely rewarding to watch the initial vision of ESM flourish as the larger ESM team grows and develops. In particular, he is proud of the way ESM marries its roots in traditional media with its understanding of the digital landscape in order to excel in both disciplines.

If given the chance to become someone else for just one day, Dave would appoint himself the CEO of Starbucks and rebrand the company as a more efficient coffee-only line. In just one day, he could change the world and improve the lives of commuters everywhere. In the meantime, commuters must continue to suffer long lines and waits, while outside of ESM, Dave spends his time with his son and wife at the shore.

On the ESM team, Dave is known for his pragmatism and his determination in driving new ideas and opportunities for the agency. In the next few years, Dave plans to focus on developing alternative audience targeting methods as individualized targeting data comes under increasing scrutiny. He also envisions ESM helping other companies integrate their internal systems with their external marketing efforts. Most importantly, ESM will continue to sit on the cutting edge of changing media consumption at an extremely micro and local level. He expects ESM to emerge as a leader in local TV advertising in particular. Dave believes ESM’s growth strategy has been the key to the agency’s success: by keeping the agency small and growing a strong team, ESM matches pace with a rapidly changing industry.

Fun Fact: Dave appeared on TV twice as a child, once when he was 3 years old and again with several of his friends in elementary school.