Meet Nishit Kadakia!

Meet Nishit Kadakia! Nishit is ESM’s Reporting & Analytics Coordinator who joined ESM this past summer as part of our Summer 2022 Internship Program. Since his internship ended, Nishit has stayed with us through his fall semester, while also working towards his MBA at Stevens College. As a Reporting & Analytics Coordinator, Nishit works and supports ESM’s reporting and data analytics capabilities and operations. Nishit has helped our team to make huge strides in improving and upgrading our reporting technology to help clients better understand and more easily access their campaign’s performance. 

Nishit says that his favorite part of his job is the people he works with and the learning opportunities he’s had. While Nishit had existing knowledge of marketing and some coding languages from this educational background, he has been able to continue to learn and apply this technical knowledge to real-life working experience. Additionally, Nishit was drawn to the Summer Internship program at ESM because of our small size and desire to have more hands-on experience. While he previously interned with a large company, he knew that ESM would be a much better fit for him and the direction he wanted his career to take. 

In his freetime, Nishit loves to cook and bake. His roommate is a pastry chef in NYC who has taught him how to make delicious recipes! He’s learned to love cooking so much that if he won the lottery, the first thing Nishit would do is open his own Indian/American fusion restaurant. Nishit is also a huge soccer fan and is the happiest when Manchester United wins. 

Nishit has made a huge impact on the ESM team and is always so happy to be at the office and working on projects that excite him. Nishit says that he’s looking forward to all of the technological changes coming in the future and how they will definitely benefit ESM. Until then, he will continue to lead the team in becoming more and more adaptive to those changes to help us unlock more opportunities!

Fun Fact: Nishit was once the lead guitarist in a high school band!