Meet Laura Hirsch!

Laura is one of our Account Executives who joined the ESM team this past May. In her role at ESM, Laura is tasked with leading client communications, creating unique strategies, and working across teams on campaign planning. So far, her favorite part of her job is collaborating with team members and helping clients see tangible results. Since joining the agency, Laura has successfully made a career shift – from previously theater to now marketing and digital media. The best thing she has learned so far at ESM is understanding how to communicate with clients, and how advertising products work. Now that she understands the backend technology, she has a new found perspective and consumes ads more mindfully.

Before joining ESM, Laura followed her passion for theater. She worked a few full time roles post-graduation as a film and theater technician, and a costume designer, managing productions in New York City. Laura also worked at a small literary magazine, working to grow the magazine’s audience on social media. Outside of work, Laura enjoys writing and spending time with friends and eating Chex-Mix and strawberries – her favorite snacks.

Laura was introduced to ESM by her friend and now colleague, our Product Manager, Briony Smith. Laura says that everyone seemed excited in her making a career change, and encouraged her to pursue her interests and learn new skills. Something that sticks out to Laura about ESM is that everyone is really hands on and invested in each other’s success. She’s glad to be part of a company where there’s a personable environment, and where everyone genuinely wants to help one another.

As ESM continues to grow, Laura would love to have the opportunity to work with clients in the entertainment industry. We are certainly looking forward to seeing both Laura and the agency prosper, and continue to expand our verticals.

Fun Fact: The best place Laura has traveled to is Athens, Greece.