Meet Aaron Shapiro!

Meet Aaron Shapiro! In 2013, Aaron and two friends co-founded Electric Symphony Media, driven by a desire to create something of their own and by the commitment to interweaving past experience with the most cutting edge industry insights. In the eight years since, as ESM’s staff and client base has grown, Aaron has stuck to a basic philosophy of growing the company with the people in the company: encouraging the staff to grow together and find personal success, so that ESM itself will be successful long term.

When not overseeing operations and account management or building out new products and ideas, Aaron can likely be found playing basketball or playing sports with his kids. He also enjoys traveling–whether flying to Kenya for a safari, or just heading down for a relaxing day at the beach.

For Aaron, ideas, experience, and knowledge are the most important thing in the advertising industry, and the world more generally. Therefore, he encourages the ESM team to never be afraid to ask questions. Looking forward, Aaron is excited for the continued growth of ESM. The past couple of years have been largely dedicated to building internal infrastructure, platforms, and a team that could take the company to the next level. Now, he expects that work to pay off as ESM’s growth takes it to the next level, even while the company still embraces the small-agency feel where everyone’s ideas are valued.

Fun Fact: If Aaron could be anyone else for a day, he’d be Zac Efron.