Like a lot of startups, ESM was born out of a frustration with the status quo. The three founding partners, who had worked together for the previous 5 years in local media, were disappointed with the digital offerings being made available to their customers. In 2013, it didn’t seem like the innovations available to national brands were trickling down in a meaningful way to the local marketplace. Incumbent agencies were struggling with how to adapt to programmatic marketplaces and changing inventory supply, while balancing the traditional media needs of their businesses. ESM was created to help brands achieve that balance. 

The early years of ESM were filled with city biking to each other’s offices – well, apartments – for meetings, door-to-door cold calling in the suburbs and one on one basketball brainstorming sessions. Now in its 8th year of business, ESM has grown into a team of 9 employees with a portfolio ranging from large multinational brands like UPS and Heifer International, to smaller local brands like Museum City of New York. 

At ESM, we pride ourselves on working with our clients as partners, and while we value our strong sense of service to them, we strive to be transparent and give honest feedback. Our ultimate priority is being able to provide our clients with success, but also be able to provide transparency; to tell our clients when something is or isn’t working, and adapt quickly is something we believe in. With the media landscape constantly changing, updating data in real time and having an open dialogue with clients is imperative. Our commitment to these practices – setting the proper goals, expectations and establishing the flow of communication with our clients and between our internal team – has helped us to develop long term partnerships with clients, including some of which are those initial relationships from the early city biking and cold calling days. This is ultimately what sets us apart.

The most successful media campaigns interweave the art of past experience with the science of data analytics. The four pillars of all campaigns are audience, data, content, and distribution.  While data may rule the day, we don’t dismiss the importance human experience has on predicting outcomes.

Pat Carroll
Managing Partner / Sales

Pat has expansive knowledge of the automotive, retail, and entertainment segments. Previously he managed sales at Time Warner Cable Media with responsibilities including conducting strategy and executing media plans for agencies and direct clients. Pat began his career in the Hartford/New Haven market where he gained five years of mid-market experience working for the local ABC affiliate. He then moved to the New York market selling both spot cable and interactive products before moving into management. He earned a BA in Mass Communications from Quinnipiac University.

DAve hassard
Managing Partner / Strategy

Dave has natural curiosity and passion about the future of advertising. With a background in both digital and traditional media, he is continually searching for innovative ways to bridge the power of branding mediums, with the efficiencies of digital marketing. In his current role, Dave is responsible for product development and strategic planning. Prior to founding Electric Symphony Media, Dave spent 12 years working for Time Warner Cable Media (TWC). While at TWC he oversaw digital sales and new products for the New York City Region. He earned a BA in Communications from Clemson University.

Aaron Shapiro
Managing Partner / operations

Since entering the marketing world Aaron was drawn to analytics and the optimization of media campaigns. With the amount of data and platforms available today the advertising world is an exciting and complex environment. In his current role Aaron is responsible for the day to day management of clients and campaigns. He also evaluates and integrates new products in order to keep ESM clients ahead of the pack. Prior to Electric Symphony Media, Aaron worked at Clear Channel, and Time Warner Cable managing direct and agency accounts. He earned a BA from American University.