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During the months April, May and June, the ESM team attended a lot of exciting events to help us grow as an organization. Going to events allows us to learn more about the industry and to provide our clients with the most up to date information and point of view. 

ANA Law Conference

The ANA Law Conference is the biggest advertising, marketing, and promotion law conference in the nation. “Learning about the legal implications behind data collection, Ai, Web3, and more really brought the impact advertising has in a digital world full circle. All presentations brought new information, precedent, and detailed foresight into what the future of marketing and advertising can look like in the next decade. Thank you to ANA and all those who presented for a fun and informative experience!” said Steven from ESM. 

Vistar Media Day

Vistar is a programmatic digital out-of-home platform that ESM uses to research and activate digital out-of-home venues for our clients. Vistar is able to provide us with information on current trends in the industry, best practices, and analytics of behavior to the ads we place through their platform. A few of our ESM team members were invited to the Vistar office to meet with and hear from other agencies/clients that use their platform. One of our team’s favorite guests was from Chanel, who often did their digital out-of-home and worked with a lot of other luxury fashion houses. “It was an informative meeting where professionals talked about their media inventory for digital out of home products ranging from billboards, taxi screens, grocery stores, to street advertising, basically just talking about where we can advertise for our bigger clients,” said Victoria who attended. This event gave our team the opportunity to see how other clients use the platform to their advantage.

ANA Great Marketing Powered

This event had speakers from different sectors of our industry such as Amazon, NFL, Johnson & Johnson, Verizon, Adobe, and more. The focus was the new marketing technologies and how big companies are using them to their advantage. For example, losing first-party data from removal of cookies, people-first business, media unification, navigating digital clutter, and AI. It is important to keep ourselves informed on trends in the industry in order to develop better techniques and strategies for our clients and partners.

ESM attendee Nishit Kadakia said, “We convened with industry trailblazers from Amazon, NFL, Johnson & Johnson, Verizon, Adobe, Mastercard, Salesforce, and Deloitte to tackle the complexities of a burgeoning $400 billion Marketing Technology (MARTech) industry and how they were embracing new talent, processes, and technologies to Master their Stack. Sessions stretched from leveraging customer data to the novel roles of procurement, and from harnessing technology to push through digital clutter to personalizing moments at scale. The conference spotlighted experts discussing the industry’s shift towards hyper-personalization as the next game-changer, the implications of the disappearance of third-party cookies in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the crucial place of global privacy tech in the MARTech stack of the future.”

Marketing Minds NYC May 2023 Cocktails

This event was a networking opportunity for ESM employees to meet more marketing professionals in the NYC Metropolitan area. Our team always enjoys meeting fellow marketers to gain new perspectives and discuss the current happenings of the industry.  “Marketing Minds was a great event. We were able to meet with other members of the industry, share ideas, and network! Looking forward to the next!” said ESM’s Managing Director, Lisa Lucibello. 

Middlesex Casino Night

Every year, our client Middlesex College hosts a Casino Night fundraiser for their business partners and donors to the college. We have worked with this institution for the last 2 years and have had the pleasure of attending and sponsoring this event. An ESM first time attendee of the event, Gabrielle Kovacs,said “It was nice to see people we talk to online in person as well as their other partners at this event and visit their campus”.

Amplify Summit

The Amplify Summit was hosted by Amperity, a customer data platform for brands to learn more about their customers through first-party data and business value. The event discussed best practices with the platform, changes in the digital landscape that may affect users, how to overcome said changes, and provided real case studies on how first party media has impacted businesses in the past. 

DOMO Connections Tour

ESM team members were convened for the DOMO ‘Connections Tour’, an enriching rendezvous for data enthusiasts. We delved into real-world interactions with company’s across industries and how they have benefited from DOMO and their use cases. DOMO also introduced all the platform innovations, and shared insights on how we can leverage data to accelerate business growth. A highlight of the event was our in-depth technical overview of App Creation Tools, enabling users to create impactful data experiences. We emerged with enlightening information from Domo’s robust data experience platform.

This is New York: 100 Years of the City in Art and Pop Culture Exhibit

Our client, The Museum of the City of New York is celebrating their centennial. ESM was able to get a first hand look at their special exhibition showcasing 100 years of NYC history through art, fashion, photography, film and more. The exhibition included a 16-screen immersive experience with backstage highlights of film sets that have been filmed in the city in the past 100 years. Our Account Executive and museum enthusiast, Laura Hirsch, who attended the event said, “Visiting MCNY for the Centennial opening was such a wonderful culmination of the planning process. Getting to see the exhibit we’d been talking about for so long, with so many members of the team in tow was so rewarding! The exhibit is beautiful and so engaging, and it was so exciting to share it with members of both the ESM and MCNY teams. I can’t wait until friends, family, and the entire ESM team gets to experience the Centennial!”

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