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We’re thrilled to announce that Steven D’Ippolito has been promoted to Account Manager! 

Steven joined ESM in January 2021 as an intern. During his internship, Steven learned the foundations of digital marketing and advertising with significant trainings and certifications. He also learned and became comfortable with all of the ins and outs of the agency, our clients and how we work with them, the platforms we use for all of our services, and more. After this period of time, Steven was able to seamlessly transition into working closely with both our Product department, our team that manages the activation of all campaigns for our clients and agency partners, and our Account Management department, the team in charge of client communications, campaign planning, and media strategy. Steven’s primary responsibilities included launching campaigns within paid social platforms and collaborating with account manager counterparts on client management and strategic campaign planning. 

After a few months, ESM extended a full-time offer to Steven as an Account Coordinator. Steven quickly became comfortable in his role on the Account Management team, working closely with our Group Strategy Director, Ivaliese Chihimie. As an Account Coordinator, Steven assisted in servicing Mid-Market clients across multiple industries including healthcare, political and government agencies, as well as our integral agency partners and their extensive client portfolios. 

As Steven continued to grow and take on more responsibilities and leadership roles within the agency, he was promoted to an Account Executive position. In this role, Steven began to own relationships with these Mid-Market clients and became an integral contributor in the development of ESM’s large and more complex enterprise account projects. 

Now as an Account Manager, Steven is stepping into a managerial role. He will continue to lead the strategy, planning , and client management responsibilities, and also oversee all responsibilities and training of an Account Coordinator team member. 

“Steven has proved to be an integral part of not only the account management team, but as a key driver in the success of ESM’s team at large.”

  • Ivaliese Chihimie, Group Strategy Director


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