Youth Villages Memphis, TN

Company Bio

Youth Villages is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children with emotional and behavioral problems and their families live successfully. For over 35 years, Youth Villages has worked to radically improve the lives of children across the country through an array of program models and services built around preserving and restoring families.


  • Non-profit
  • Memphis, TN


The Ask

ESM was tasked with developing a media plan for Youth Villages’ job recruitment needs in Memphis, TN that includes strategically allocated and tactically-chosen channels. 

The objective for this initiative was to fill job needs for users across a wide age range, both inside and outside of Memphis, within the Youth Villages organization.

The Challenge

At the start of our partnership, Youth Villages voiced that their primary challenges were brand awareness and reaching the right audiences to fill job needs within their organization. Through thorough research and planning, we were able to define the correct audience target and develop their media profile, to better understand how these users were consuming media, and incremental reach opportunities. Once we nailed down our audience segments, we used this information to inform our media channel selection.

Why it Worked

The Approach

In the research and planning process of this campaign, ESM examined the audience composition of the Memphis market, to determine characteristic identifiers and media consumption habits of users in this area. This research was then used to inform our channel selection and media targeting.

The Solution

With the primary goal of reaching users of all ages to recruit  people within the organization to fulfill job openings, we developed a media plan that allocated budget across the most highly-trackable and conversion-oriented channels. The channel breakdown included these conversion channels like SEM, Facebook, and Instagram, branding channels such as Digital Display, Digital Video, Streaming Audio and traditional media including radio, TV, and print. Implementing conversion channels generated leads for job postings, and the combination of branding channels and traditional media increased awareness, impression delivery and overall reach. 


Campaign Results

This 9-month, recruitment initiative started mid-September 2021 and ended in June 2022. The following are the combined tactic results as of June 30, 2022. Throughout the campaign, KPIs trended positively and exceeded our goals. The campaign was very successful in meeting objectives to generate awareness and draw users to the site. We can concretely see and measure these results through the campaign progression and total view-through conversions of 9,927, which in turn speaks to how users in this market have become increasingly familiar with the Youth Villages brand, and are returning back to the site at a later point in time after being served an ad. This campaign solely targeted the Memphis, TN market, where the YV headquarters is located. In addition, we launched additional recruitment campaigns in the following geographies: 6 month statewide in AL, AR, GA, IN, MA, NC, OH, OK, OR, TN, and shorter, program/event-specific initiatives in Knoxville, Nashville, Jackson, Asheville, Douglasville, Johnson City/Morristown, and Raleigh/Durham. These campaigns supported overarching YV objectives to fill job needs across key markets, continue to generate exposure, penetrate the market with brand messaging, and increase inquiries for open positions. 






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