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To celebrate Black History Month, Electric Symphony Media wants to take time to highlight black leaders that have influenced our realm of work, as an agency and the type of clients we work closely with. 

In December 2022, Harvard University announced that Claudine Gay was selected as the institution’s next president, beginning her term in July 2023. The Harvard alum will be the first black person to serve in a top leadership role in the university’s history. She has jumped from professor to dean, and is now president. 

Gary Coichy is the Founder and CEO of POD Digital Media, the country’s first and largest multicultural podcast network in the country. PDM bridges podcasters and brands to reach consumers in an authentic environment. Gary Coichy is an inspiration to many as he immigrated to the United States from Haiti speaking no English and has helped pioneer the podcast advertising industry. 

Relying heavily on ad tech, ESM wants to highlight Charles Cantu, founder of Reset Digital, a programmatic marketing technology platform with the mission of helping brands reach unique audiences in a deeper way. Charles Cantu is passionate about reaching ALL audiences. Reset Digital shares 3% of its revenue to The National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters (NABOB) and other organizations to ensure the support of diverse-owned and operated media. 

Adrianne Smith is the first global director of inclusion and diversity at WPP, but is also the founder of the non-profit organization Cannes Can: Diversity Collective. CC:DC aims to diversify the advertising world by bringing the perspectives of people of color to advertising, marketing and creativity. CC:DC runs programs committed to exposure, networking and job creation. Adrianne Smith’s philosophy is that ‘you don’t just talk about it, you really have to be about it’, and that’s what she’s doing with Cannes Can: Diversity Collective. 

The advancements of black leaders do not go unnoticed and ESM admires the stories of minorities with big dreams blazing trails in our ever-evolving industry.


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