Coalition for Medicare Choices

Company Bio

The Coalition for Medicare Choices is a grassroots organization of more than two million Americans who are covered by Medicare Advantage, and who rely on Medicare for high-quality, affordable health coverage. 


Industry: Non-profit 

Location: Washington D.C.


The Ask

ESM was asked to develop and activate a media plan geared at reaching lawmakers in DC with oppositional messaging to Medicare Advantage program budget cuts. 

This program was activated from mid-September through December 2021 and included cable TV spots across a highly targeted program list, network specific streaming TV targeting, cord-cutter OTT platform targeting as well as strategic out-of-home placements within extended areas surrounding Congress and high-traffic commuter areas

The Challenge

They key challenge of this campaign was nailing down an approach to  ensure we were target key decision makers (Congress members) at the right place, and at the right time, and to maximize budget potential and reach by creating opportunistic OOH inventory, and focusing video buys on a combination of key programming and multi-screen reach.

Why it Worked

The Approach

Our team determined the key times of day where messaging could be activated most effectively to generate a broad reach in a relevant area, and activate media in strategic and specific areas of the city. 

The recommended tactics can be broken into 2 segments: Broad Reach activations and Experiential Guerilla activations.

The Solution

The Broad Reach activation  had 2 sub-categories:

  1. Transit: This includes heavy foot traffic areas such as within proximity of transit hubs (train stations), as well as Taxi TV.
  2. Lifestyle: Lifestyle-based locations that included locations such as gyms and running routes (ie. Potomac River)

Experiential Guerilla Activations provided the client the opportunity to be in areas where traditional OOH inventory does not typically exist. Examples of these placements included bicycle boards, city store boards, and sponsored food carts.


Campaign Results

This 2021 campaign launched across popular Washington D.C. neighborhoods  including Union Station, Dupont Circle, Union Market, Capitol Hill and other key locations to reach members of congress and decision makers throughout the day.


Total OOH Impressions


OOH Video Plays


Cable Units across highly rates news programming (MSNBC, CNN, CNBC, etc.)


Connected TV Impressions


Cable Dayparts running in Morning or Prime news times


Connected TV Completion Rate


Clicks on CTV video content (ESPN, HULU, Local News, and Discovery Networks)