Cross River Bank

Company Bio

Cross River Bank is the trusted financial services organization that merges the established expertise of a bank, with the innovation and product offering of a technology company. They are experienced leaders working to protect their clients’ business goals, providing streamlined, end-to-end solutions, so they can grow in the ever-evolving market.


  • Industry: Fintech
  • Location: Fort Lee, NJ


The Ask

The primary goal of this campaign was to generate awareness and recognition of Cross River as a major player in the cryptocurrency space among executives and C-suite leaders at relevant companies, and within the larger crypto community.

The Challenge

While Cross River initially launched in 2008 as a fintech company, they’ve now become more  involved in the cryptocurrency space. Before our partnership, Cross River had not done any marketing to fully assert themselves as a major player in the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, we created a strategy with the primary objective of generating an overall awareness of Cross River Bank, and more specifically, generating an awareness of Cross River’s cryptocurrency solutions. With no prior marketing campaigns executed, this campaign would serve as a baseline for all future marketing efforts. 

Why it Worked

The Approach

ESM launched a 3 month long “Pilot Campaign” to establish a baseline for cost, performance, and efficacy.  This campaign was targeted towards C-level executives and other key decision makers. To accomplish this, channel selection was made based on the outlets that are the most prevalent among C-level executives and the crypto community.

We also used a brand lift study pre and post campaign in an effort to measure the effectiveness of how well the media was doing at generating awareness for Cross River and their cryptocurrency products and services. 

The Solution

ESM ran an omni-channel strategy to reach our target audience across social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit. Advertisements were also placed in the form of display ads and paid search ads.

In addition to social and standard digital ads, digital partnerships played a key role in the Cross River Campaign. Partnerships were made with several popular newsletters and podcasts to run Cross River advertisements.

On each platform, we activated unique targeting solutions that isolate those users who were the most likely to download the app based on their engagement habits, behavior, and content interests.


Campaign Results

In just 3 months and in their first marketing campaign, this effort garnered over 40 million impressions and a 2%  increase in brand lift in regards to general brand awareness. The unique targeting strategy combined with the comprehensive channel strategy, allowed the campaign to be extremely effective in generating both a general and crypto-specific awareness.  Furthermore, this channel and targeting strategy laid the foundation for future media campaigns, and our brand lift study was overly successful in improving brand awareness from 8%-10%, proving the effectiveness of the campaign, and providing us with relevant consumer insights for future executions. 








Increase in Brand Awareness