Companions & Homemakers


Companions & Homemakers is Connecticut’s leader in home care services. Since 1990, Companions 7 Homemakers have provided in-home care to thousands of satisfied clients across the state of CT. With consistently high customer satisfaction ratings and industry awards, Companions & Homemakers is proud to be Connecticut’s most trusted provider for homecare and companion services.


  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Location: Various locations in CT


The Ask

Companions & Homemakers has been a client of ESM since 2019. Over the past 5 years, we have executed many campaigns with varying goals like improving their branding and online presence, and helping with their recruitment initiatives to grow their business. 

The Challenge

At the start of our partnership, the main challenge Companions & Homemakers was facing was the changing media landscape and more competition coming into the market, which caused a drop off in the leads for home aides and nurses. ESM wanted to help them find new leads and pivot into using digital media tactics to do so, as well as continue to develop their brand identity and online presence. 

Why it Worked

The Approach

Our overall approach, was to shift marketing dollars from traditional media channels to the digital landscape. Primarily, our goals were to improve the client’s branding, reach the right audiences, make customers aware of their services and offerings, and to find more leads for potential home aides and nurses. 

More recently, our campaigns have focused more on recruitment, promoting specific positions or events. We have also been tasked with expanding their enterprise, and recruiting to other areas and markets, using the same blueprint to audiences that are harder to reach.

The Solution

By using a combination of video strategies like OTT and YouTube, more bottom funnel channel strategies like SEM, geofencing and programmatic display with additional data and geo targeting, we were able to share the Companions and Homemakers story and messaging, while bringing awareness to their brand and services. Additionally, we have been running more mid-funnel strategies like Facebook and Instagram for recruitment efforts, and to continue to connect customers to the brand.


Campaign Results

Since working with Companions & Homemakers, we have worked to shift their media dollars from traditional placements into the digital ecosystem. Through this strategy, we have been able to execute successful campaigns over the years for branding and recruitment initiatives. 


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