ESM Continues Expansion: Meghan Galli Joins Client Services Team

As part of continual growth and expansion efforts, Electric Symphony Media (ESM) is thrilled to announce and welcome new team member Meghan Galli, who joined the Client Services  team as a Client Services Coordinator in April 2021. 

Meghan brings to ESM 2+ years of experience in client and customer service, budget management, and KPI reporting by way of previous roles. She will be responsible for campaign management and quality assurance, which includes campaign trafficking, pacing, reporting, and management. Galli will serve as a major point of contact between the Account Management team and internal Product teams, working to ensure that all of the planning done in the strategy process translates back into campaign success.

“I feel lucky to be a part of a team that is built on teamwork, while still valuing every member as an individual,” says Galli. “My onboarding experience was extremely welcoming, and I felt like a part of the team right from the start. I’m excited about the opportunity to work with such an intelligent, hardworking, and motivating group of people, and am even more excited for the growth yet to come.”

Prior to joining ESM, Meghan held several roles in sales and consumer goods, where she oversaw the management of over 115 accounts, provided strategic insight for clients and opportunities of all sizes, and continuously exceeded sales goals. Now, Meghan helps ESM manage Mid-Market client projects and has become an essential team member in the management and success of Enterprise project maintenance.

“From the very beginning Meghan has been a substantial asset to our Client Services team,” says Client Services Executive Shannon Toth. “Since taking on this role, Meghan has immersed herself in our processes without a hitch. She has shown extraordinary management and operation skills for all of her accounts while consistently adding value to our growing departments.”

In addition to her day-to-day role in Client Services, Galli has been integrated into various internal projects that will support operational streamlining. Meghan joins ESM in a time of immense agency growth, and is projected to be a key contributor in future successes.


ESM is a media partner that helps brands and agencies uncover unique value in marketing investments. We believe the most successful media campaigns interweave the art of past experience with the science of data analytics. ESM offers end to end media planning, activation, and reporting services. The agency’s tech stack provides a connective thread across all channels, but as a team we emphasize the importance human experience plays in predicting outcomes.  Whether it’s traditional, digital, or emerging media, the knowledge ESM has gained from running campaigns that are large, small, geographically diverse, with different KPIs, goals, and assets gives us a strong library of learnings to apply to future activity.