ESM Names Ivaliese Chihimie as Account Management Department Lead 

Electric Symphony Media (ESM) has announced Ivaliese Chihimie as the new department lead of ESM’s Account Management department.

Ivaliese brings over two years of experience with ESM to the role, including her previous role as Account Manager, where she managed the day-to-day needs of clients alongside internal agency staff, as well as ongoing campaign management and communications with clients to ensure needs are met.

As ESM has continued to grow, Ivaliese has proven herself an invaluable member of the team, repeatedly leading strategic planning, internal agency development, and growth of ESM’s client relationships. Following the division of the Account Management and Client Services departments, the decision to appoint Ivaliese as Account Director was both instinctive and vital in supporting ESM’s continued growth.

“Ivaliese has been an exceptional figure in the development of ESM and is the ideal person to lead our Account Management team into this next chapter. Her ideas are valued at the highest level and we look forward to building our agency around them,” said Lisa Lucibello, Account Director at ESM.  “She has routinely impressed us with her strategic thinking, inspiring ideas, and commitment to operational excellence. Ivaliese is integral to our team, and essential to our agency’s success.”


Prior to joining ESM in 2019 as an Account Manager, Ivaliese worked in corporate and nonprofit communications. In her new role as Account Director, she will be managing a team of Account Executives and Coordinators, overseeing strategy development, and maintaining client relationships.


Account Management Department

The Account Management team will support the day-to-day needs of all clients, alongside the Client Services team. The two departments operate as two sides of one coin, wherein Account Management manages all strategy, planning, and client management, while the Client Services team runs all backend campaign operations.

As the Account Management Director, Ivaliese will be the primary point of contact between clients and the rest of the agency, working to ensure the creation of successful media strategies and to effectively communicate with clients about KPIs, media optimizations, and new products.

The new distinction of the Account Management department as separate from the Client Services team is part of ESM’s continuous efforts to implement streamlined internal processes that should result in increased efficacies and customer satisfaction. With Ivaliese as the department lead, the Account Management team is a key component in ESM’s client campaign success, operational development, and overall customer retention.


ESM is a media partner that helps brands and agencies uncover unique value in marketing investments. We believe the most successful media campaigns interweave the art of past experience with the science of data analytics. ESM offers end to end media planning, activation, and reporting services. The agency’s tech stack provides a connective thread across all channels, but as a team we emphasize the importance human experience plays in predicting outcomes.  Whether it’s traditional, digital, or emerging media, the knowledge ESM has gained from running campaigns that are large, small, geographically diverse, with different KPIs, goals, and assets gives us a strong library of learnings to apply to future activity.