ESM Announces New Local Partner Program

As part of the ongoing growth and development initiatives of the media planning, strategy, and buying agency located in Hoboken NJ, ESM has announced the launch of their new, service oriented Local Partner Program.

Throughout the evolution of media and the agency, ESM has worked to provide a service that clients view as a trusted resource, no matter their business size or their goals. The Local Partner Program is built with small businesses in mind. This tier based program offers an affordable, transparent, and comprehensive option for small, local businesses interested in launching media for the first time or looking to reenter the market as Covid restrictions are lifted.

The packages offered are hyper targeted locally, content driven, and consistently optimized. They are designed to help small businesses connect with engaged consumers, across channels that they might not be otherwise able to activate on, using tools that would normally be cost prohibitive to them.

All four packages offer media management and digital media. Beginning at the Basic level, social media is also included, and beginning at the advanced level, digital retargeting is available. The transparent fee structure means that businesses will always know exactly how much they will pay and for what services.

This program is available to small businesses directly through ESM, and custom versions of this program are also available for partner agencies who are interested in serving businesses in their local communities.

Of the program, Patrick Carroll, Managing Partner at ESM, says, “We love supporting small businesses in our community. This program is an exciting opportunity to make media advertising accessible by building direct relationships with local partners, while also growing and developing our agency as a trusted partner and resource.”

This program comes amongst other changes at ESM, as the agency works to position itself as a leader within the media industry and to develop it’s client portfolio. In addition to helping ESM support small businesses and the local community, this program will be a driver of new and diversified revenue for the growing agency.


If you are interested in learning more about this new program, please contact Lisa Lucibello at


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