ESM Product Team Grows Adding Ariana Gilbeaux as Product Coordinator

Electric Symphony Media (ESM) is thrilled to announce and welcome new team member Arianna Gilbeaux, who joined the Product team as a Product Coordinator in December 2021. 

Arianna graduated from UConn in May of 2021 and brings with her significant experience in research and social media. She began her role in ESM’s Product Rotation Program, which  provided training across key media products —  Social Media, Paid Search, Programmatic and Digital Media, and Traditional Media Buying. After learning to navigate the ins and outs of all products, Arianna’s daily roles advanced to social media campaign support, SEM campaign set ups, pacing and account audits, and providing her research skills across other departments. Her ingenuity and ability to learn quickly has led to Arianna emerging as an expert in SEM advertising. 

“Joining the ESM team has been an exciting opportunity to work with such highly-motivated, innovative, and forward thinking individuals. I am constantly inspired by the people I work with, and am thrilled at the opportunity to further my professional growth in the collaborative environment offered here.” 

In addition to her day to day work and becoming proficient in all products, Arianna is also heading the onboarding of a new research tool. This platform will facilitate the agency’s insights and analytics capabilities, and with her background in research, Arianna was the ideal team member to lead this project. 

“Arianna has quickly become indispensable to the larger product team, assisting with campaign activation, monitoring, and optimization,” says Product Manager, Briony Smith. “She brings keen problem solving skills and an eagerness to learn that makes her perspective an invaluable asset to the agency. We are so excited to continue to grow our product team with Arianna as a key figure, lending her expertise and insights.”

ESM is a media partner that helps brands and agencies uncover unique value in marketing investments. We believe the most successful media campaigns interweave the art of past experience with the science of data analytics. ESM offers end to end media planning, activation, and reporting services. The agency’s tech stack provides a connective thread across all channels, but as a team we emphasize the importance human experience plays in predicting outcomes.  Whether it’s traditional, digital, or emerging media, the knowledge ESM has gained from running campaigns that are large, small, geographically diverse, with different KPIs, goals, and assets gives us a strong library of learnings to apply to future activity.