Meet Tiffany Thomas!

Tiffany is one of our Account Executives who joined the ESM team this past April. In her work at ESM, Tiffany is committed to assisting clients with campaign planning and creating the most effective targeting strategies, which are her two favorite parts of this job. Since joining the agency, Tiffany has learned so much about the behind the scenes of digital media and advertising campaign planning, along with many new concepts and capabilities. Working here so far has allowed her to stay up to date on the growing industry, and has made her eager to keep expanding her knowledge and growing with the team. 


Before joining ESM, Tiffany had a fellowship in advertising which is what initially piqued her interest in joining our agency. Outside of work, Tiffany is an avid blog writer who creates both fun and insightful content when she’s not working.Tiffany’s other interests include doing what makes her the happiest – spending time with family and friends or watching some of her favorite 90 sitcoms (specifically Full House, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, & Sabrina the Teenage Witch). One thing Tiffany hasn’t done yet, and is still looking to check off her bucket list, is riding a motorcycle, which she hopes to do soon! 

Something that Tiffany thinks has set ESM aside from other agencies is how fast we have become successful and how fast we are growing in both diversity and skill sets across all departments! When asked how Tiffany defines success, she believes that no matter what your next step is or where you are, if you are surrounded by good people, doing what you want, and are never settling for less, then you can be successful. 

As ESM continues to grow, we are looking forward to seeing the success that Tiffany brings to the agency! 

Fun Fact:Tiffany is terrified of statues