Meet Taylor Griswold!

After completing her bachelor’s degree in Digital Marketing, Taylor joined ESM’s expanding product team as our newest Product Coordinator. As she has rotated through ESM’s different product offerings over the past several months, she has gained hands-on experience in the platforms she only learned about at school. As Taylor begins her media career with ESM, she has integrated seamlessly into the team. She credits this not only to her own prior experience, but also to the welcoming, collaborative, and supportive culture at ESM.

When she’s not helping to execute media buys across a variety of platforms, she prefers to spend time at the beach—which is only steps from her home. She is passionate about learning, and one day would like to become multilingual by learning Russian. Similarly, she would like to eventually expand her skill set by learning how to code. 

On the ESM team, Taylor is known for being patient and considerate but determined to achieve whatever she sets her mind to. She is excited to see how ESM continues to grow and change in the coming years, and how she continues to learn from the ESM team. So far, the biggest lesson ESM has taught her is to be understanding of mistakes and to have confidence in her own abilities.

Fun Fact: Taylor is a total scaredy cat!