Meet Sarah McRae!

She joined ESM as an intern for the summer of 2022, and as a full time Client Services Coordinator in July 2023. She continues to bring an empathetic and hard working mindset to her full time role, and has gained a well-rounded picture of ESM’s operations since starting. 

Outside of the office, Sarah enjoys spending time with her friends and family and going to the beach. She is a big travel enthusiast and her favorite trip so far has been Dubronik, Croatia, where she especially loved the Game Of Thrones tour she went on. Sarah feels at peace drinking her morning coffee and going on a drive while listening to music. Someday, she hopes to visit somewhere in Africa. 

At ESM, Sarah appreciates how collaborative the work environment is and how easy it is to learn. She feels comfortable asking any and all questions to further her knowledge. For Sarah, success is about goal setting and working to complete that predetermined goal. In the future, she believes that ESM will expand its services offered to clients and expand internally.

Fun Fact: Sarah played piano growing up!