Meet John!

He joined ESM in November 2022 as an Account Coordinator and is an outgoing and motivated addition to the team. He brings experience working for a full-service agency and has quickly been learning the ropes at ESM and more about the industry. He is excited to start working directly with clients, and to be in the Hoboken area. 

Outside of the office, John loves spending time with his friends, and is a big potato enthusiast. If John wasn’t working at ESM, he would love to be a sports and concert photographer. John is a big Weeknd fan and often listens to music to destress. He also loves to travel, some of his favorite destinations being Switzerland and Greece, and he’s hoping to make it to Morocco, Tokyo, and walk (half of) the Great Wall of China someday, which is on his bucket list. 

At ESM, John appreciates how laid back, but work-focused his coworkers are. Everyone is so willing to help, and the office is very collaborative. He sees ESM growing with more clients and more employees in the future. For him, success is about achieving something you once thought you would never be able to.

Fun Fact: John got his arm stuck in a vending machine when he was 5 years old!