Meet Isabel Gray!

The newest member of ESM’s product department, Isabel immediately established herself as a caring, positive and motivated addition to the team. In her dream world she’s a mega-famous influencer—which she channels into her role managing ESM’s social media accounts and activating social media ad campaigns. She got her start in advertising with a college internship as a marketing intern in Charleston, SC and joined ESM at the beginning of 2022, excited by the collaborative, welcoming company culture and the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients.

When not working, Isabel loves to explore NYC with her friends, find new coffee shops, and go for longs walks with her dog, Riley. She also loves to travel—in college she had the opportunity to study abroad in Barcelona. However, her favorite place she’s ever been is Mallorca, where she traveled along with her sister and cousin to see some of the places their family comes from in Spain.

In just her first few months at ESM, Isabel learned so much about advertising, and her confidence continues to grow alongside her knowledge. She values the ESM’s team open approach to questions and helping each other, while also appreciating that everyone is able to accomplish things independently. For her, success is loving what you do and being happy to come to work every day—something she has found with ESM.

Fun Fact: Isabel was the captain of her high school tennis team, despite not being very good at tennis!