Meet Briony Smith!

Although she was born and raised on the East Coast, Briony comes to the ESM team all the way from the Midwest where she spent her post-college years in non-profit communications. Having been in the Marketing and Communications industry previously, her transition into her role as Paid Social Coordinator on our Product team was seamless. Since she started over a year ago Briony has transitioned into Product Manager, where she leads her team through the ins and outs of activation. Briony enjoys the innovative and collaborative culture that she’s experienced so far, and looks optimistically towards meeting the whole team in person and continuing to grow as an agency.

When she’s not managing our clients and our agency’s social efforts, Briony likes to spend her time reading and writing – she hopes to one day become a full time novelist! She’s been to over half of the world’s continents, and her value for culture and worldliness extends into her passion for writing, travelling, and her zeal for learning.

At ESM, Briony mostly appreciates the leadership role she’s been able to take on with her role and within other projects, but she also values the support and guidance she’s received throughout her onboarding. She believes that success is unique to each person and defines her version of success as community growth, rather than individualized advancement.

Fun Fact: Briony loves to knit, and has never done karaoke.