Meet Blake Ratner!

Bringing a passion for music and creative ideas, Blake joined ESM’s Account Management team earlier this year as an Account Coordinators, responsible for advising media plans, ensuring campaigns are launched, running, and pacing correctly, and providing insights on reporting. In her previous position, Blake gained media exposure by running RFPs for a variety of types of marketing, including media, creative, and PR, making her transition to ESM’s Account Management team particularly frictionless. 

In her free time, Blake’s first passion is music. As a child, she loved discovering new styles of music, and even now she is a talented guitar player. She hopes to eventually perform with a band, and even become a full time musician! 

As soon as Blake joined the ESM team, it was clear that she was going to fit in very well. She was drawn to the culture of the office as well as the job itself.  On the team, she is known for being reliable, considerate, and organized. She has especially enjoyed the chance to continue learning about the media industry and develop her career. In the end, she defines success as feeling confident, comfortable, and educated about the work she is doing.

Fun Fact:Blake can beatbox, although she will not demonstrate it.