Meet Arianna Gilbeaux!

Arianna has been a strong addition to our wonderful team here at ESM! When Arianna isn’t watching Harry Potter, going on hikes, or enjoying some yoga, she is helping support social media campaigns, setting up SEM campaigns, organizing pacing & account audits, and providing all of our departments with her fantastic research skills. Arianna earned her bachelor’s degree in Communications and spent time working at a non-profit organization prior to joining us at ESM. Her experience has guided her to adapt rather quickly & she is very thankful for all the support from the team! 

On her days off Arianna is exploring, whether it’s in a new city, a scenic mountain range, or traveling overseas. Her favorite place so far has been Jamaica, but she hopes to land in the Galapagos Islands soon where she might be able to check some things off her bucket list, like skydiving and scuba diving! Although she loves to travel, one thing she can’t live without is chocolate. In fact, her favorite ice cream to order at Friendly’s growing up was Monster Mash, which is mint chocolate chip ice cream topped with Reese’s, chocolate syrup & whipped cream – yum! 

Arianna ultimately loves the culture of teamwork, trust & collaboration here at ESM and she has really enjoyed getting to work with different clients, products & team members! Arianna has many redeeming qualities, but some in particular would have to be her motivation, empathy & resourcefulness. She has a positive attitude & is always eager to help when help is needed. Arianna is excited to (finally) meet the team in person soon & looks forward to growing with the company!

Fun Fact: Arianna was a 3 sport athlete in high school (track, basketball & soccer) which helps to explain how she stays so motivated in everything she does!