Employee Spotlight: Gab Criscuolo

Meet Gab! In another life, she’s a food critic, traveling the world and eating amazing food, but in this life, she is ESM’s inimitable Agency Affairs Executive. On the team, Gab is known for her initiative, intuition, and ambition; she is always excited to lead new projects and to collaborate with the rest of the team. Her job is part of the greater sales team and leads new business and growth as well as marketing projects for the agency, including research, planning, project management, RFP procurement, outreach initiatives, content development and management and networking.

At ESM, she values the opportunity for growth and to voice your opinion, as well as the support she receives from her coworkers. The secret to her success is confidence and hard work, and the willingness to keep learning from new perspectives and new ideas.

In her free time, Gab likes to spend time with her friends and to visit new places, whether around New York City or around the world. Of all the places she’s visited, Croatia is her favorite, for the seafood and the natural beauty; but the place where she’s happiest is at home, eating in the kitchen with her family.

Fun Fact: Gab grew up playing ice hockey, and she still kicks butt at ice skating.