Meet the Product Team!


Buried in the depths of the agency, ESM’s product department is the engine that makes everything go. The product geniuses know the ad platforms inside and out and translate the plans and orders received from the Account Management and Client Services teams into the ads that are served to consumers. Moreover, the product team serves as a resource for the rest of the company, helping the other teams stay up to date on the latest ad tech, performing audience research, and learning new products and resources to onboard.

Fueled by copious amounts of coffee and pet pictures, the product team prides themselves on their communication and problem solving skills, often finding themselves responsible for solving not only any issues they run into in their day to day but also helping other teams when problems arise. Despite this—or perhaps because of it—the team is extremely collaborative and ambitious, both willing to help out wherever needed and to take lead on new projects to drive business. Reflecting their creativity, their motivation, and of course their love of their pets, the product team mascot is a cat charging like a knight into battle astride a dog. 

Like all departments at the agency, the product department has grown dramatically in the past year. From a year ago with two people, including one of ESM’s managing partners, the department has doubled to four people, each specializing in a specific product while also being a generalist capable of managing all products. ESM’s product department values the transparency ESM cultivates around our product offerings and our ability to offer a wide range of high quality services despite our small team, and the department hopes to continue to grow!