Meet the Client Services Team!

ESM’s dedicated Client Service Department links together all the teams at ESM, bridging the gaps to ensure that information is efficiently and effectively shared across the company. Among the many hats they wear, they collaborate with the Account Management team on strategy and planning, organize new orders and communicate them to the product department, oversee traditional media buying, ensure campaigns run correctly, and build the insightful reports that our clients have come to expect. At every step of the process, Client Services ensures that everything is meticulously documented, so that nothing ever has the opportunity to fall through the cracks.

As with their role in the larger agency, the Client Services department’s team culture is founded on collaboration and communication. They recognize that each of the team members has different strengths, and they rely on each other’s support to create a team that is greater than the sum of its parts, full of surprises and hidden talents. Reflecting their unexpected talents and their many responsibilities, their department mascot would be a pegasus!

Across the department everyone agrees: organization is key. As they continue to take on new responsibilities and as the team grows, this organization lets them adapt quickly to changes and always stay ahead of the curve. But they’re not all work! As one Client Services Executive put it: “We’re like a mullet! Business in the front, party in the back.”