Meet the Account Management Team!

The jacks-of-all trades in the Account Management department form a key part of the backbone of Electric Symphony Media. As an agency, ESM considers ourselves a partner to our clients—the account team is the face of that relationship, interfacing with clients not only to develop strategic media plans and ensure that clients are getting the most value out of our partnership but also to grow our partnership beyond the individual project by gaining a holistic understanding of the client’s long term goals. Meanwhile, the account management team also coordinates between the internal teams at ESM to ensure that each department has the information they need to turn a brand’s business objectives into a tangible media plan.

The individual members of the Account Management team are a diverse group of hard-working media experts. Beyond just coworkers collaborating to deliver high-quality media strategies and results to our clients, the Account Management team is a group of friends and professionals committed to supporting each other. Everyone is prepared to help each other at a moment’s notice. As a department, their mascot would be a merperson—representing the dichotomy of their client-facing and internal-facing responsibilities.

In the past year, the department has grown rapidly—of the four-team members, three of them joined ESM in 2021—reflecting the overall trajectory of the agency. As the agency continues to develop, the department hopes to continue to expand, providing room for individual members to eventually grow into leaders of their own teams.