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Lately, ESM has been attending many events in the New York City area. Attending nearby events allows our team to learn more about the industry and keep up with trends as well as a networking opportunity to meet new people in marketing in the NYC Metropolitan area. The following are 3 events ESM team members have attended recently that they found useful and enlightening for our agency. 

Audio Intelligence Summit

The first event members of ESM’s team attended was in February, the Audio Intelligence Summit. This event was hosted by Veritonic which is an audio intelligence platform for audio ads, podcast ads, audio logos, audio clips, app and functional sounds. The event was to celebrate the power of audio and bring brands, agencies, and publishers together to discuss audio advertising utilization. Audio intelligence can be used to assist in brand awareness campaigns and maximize return on investment. The event topics included technology, data, and best practices for using audio intelligence for marketing. 

Our team members found this event really valuable because ESM uses audio ads often for clients on streaming and radio ads. “This event taught us a lot about the future of the audio industry. It is important to keep up with audio intelligence as it is developing.”  There are more opportunities for ESM to use audio intelligence for other audio ads. 

First Wednesday

212NYC is an organization in New York for the digital advertising industry who strives to help members make connections, share knowledge, and support the community through education and philanthropy. 212NYC hosts an event called First Wednesday on the first Wednesday of each month. This event is a monthly-in person networking event to help connect digital advertising professionals. 

ESM’s members said that the event was a great introduction to a more casual networking landscape. One member of our team said “This was the perfect opportunity to expand on our networking skills and meet new people. I’m glad I was able to connect with various people in multiple industries and learn more about not only their work but their personal interests.” Networking events within advertising are important to helping us grow our skills, keep up with trends, build a reputation for ESM, and make meaningful connections.

Approach the Upfronts with Agility-Convergent TV

The final event ESM attended this month was an event hosted by AdWeek ConvergentTV. This event focused on recent changes in television, industry and economic shifts, and the constant changes that will be happening in the TV world. The event gave expert insights into these topics. The event had many TV, media, tech, and marketing leaders talk about the next shift in television. Some guest speakers were Andy Cohen from BravoTV, Rita Ferro from Disney Advertising, and John Halley, president of Paramount’s advertising. Other speakers were from AMC Networks, Warner Bros, NBCU, Fox, Loreal, Youtube, BBC, CBS, and many more big names in the entertainment and TV industry. 

Our team thought the event was very informative and great for networking. Our Client Services team member Meghan said “There is always more to learn in the CTV and TV side of advertising, and the speakers touched upon great points about the ever-changing dynamics of both placements.” We are excited to use the information from the reputable guests for future campaigns. 

Hoboken Girl Event

North Jersey’s number 1 bloggers, Hoboken Girl, teamed up with Hoboken Community Center and hosted a charity happy hour event back in February. This event took place at PANELA restaurant on Newark street in Hoboken. The two organizations not only threw the event to bond with the Hoboken community, but to accept pantry donations for the homeless. By 7PM, the bar was packed with friendly and compassionate Hoboken residents and professionals proudly donating many items such as toothbrushes, soap, paper towels, shampoo, and many more. 

ESM team members got to donate toiletries and converse with Hoboken Community members over delicious cocktails. 

Basis March Madness Event

ESM has been working with Basis Technologies for a few years now. They often host events in NYC that we are able to attend. This event was for March Madness during two elite eight tournament games. ESM won a contest during this event, crowning Steven and Shannon as the Basis March Madness tournament! The Basis team is very welcoming and hosts great events that allow us to meet other people who work for similar agencies. 

The ESM team that attended had a fun time at this event. Our team member Steven said “It was exciting to meet members of the Basis team in person as well as other individuals who work in media in such a fun environment. We were able to talk about the different ways we work with the platform and the Basis team who is always willing to help any way they can. Thank you to Basis for having us and I can’t wait until the next event!” We are looking forward to future events hosted by Basis to attend to make more connections with their team and other attendees. 

Future Events

Attending events is very important for ESM to stay in the know for our industry, make new connections, and grow together as a team. In the following months, members of ESM will be attending more events to network and learn more about specific topics in the advertising field to help ourselves provide our clients with up to date information about advertising and provide meaningful knowledge towards campaigns.


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