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Valley Growers is a small, but distinctive market, located almost entirely in the West (primarily in California and Washington). These neighborhoods are home to young, Hispanic families with children and, frequently, multiple generations living in single-family homes. Most residents are Hispanic (mostly of Mexican origin). A third is foreign born; 32% of households are linguistically isolated. This market is all about spending time with family, taking care of family and home, and following the Hispanic heritage. More homes are rented than owned, located in semirural areas where agriculture dominates. Unemployment is high, and household income is much lower than the US, supplemented by self-employment, home-grown products, and some public assistance. Consumers favor Spanish language media and watching sports on television.



• Young families dominate this market, with a median age less than 28 and an average household size of 3.98 (Index 154). Average family size is also higher, at 4.26 (Index 134), with a number of multigenerational households (Index 266).

• Dominant household types: 38% are married-couple families with children (Index 173) and 21% are single-parent families (Index 181).

• Most households (about 57%) rent their homes.

• Homes are primarily single family homes (60%), with a large share of mobile homes (more than twice the US) and multiunit (2–4 units) dwellings (Index 146).

• Nearly three-fifths of homes were built before 1980.



• Only 24% have a high school diploma; almost half of the high school graduates have completed some college or a degree.

• 30% of households have members who speak only Spanish (Index 595).

• Primarily skilled work force, in agriculture; unemployment is high at 9% (Index 157).

• Median household income is lower, primarily from wages with assistance from Supplemental Security Income (Index 157) and public assistance income (Index 327).

• They are cost-conscious consumers, willing to shop around to obtain the best price, as their number one goal when shopping is to save as much money as possible.

• Spending time with family is a top priority.

• They use TV more than any other media to stay informed.

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