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Urban Chic residents are professionals that live a sophisticated, exclusive lifestyle. Half of all households are occupied by married-couple families and about 30% are singles. These are busy, well-connected, and well-educated consumers—avid readers and moviegoers, environmentally active, and financially stable. This market is a bit older, with a median age of 43 years, and growing slowly, but steadily.



• More than half of Urban Chic households include married couples; nearly 30%are singles.

• Average household size is slightly lower at 2.39.

• Homes range from prewar to recent construction, high-rise to single-family. Over 60% of householders live in single-family homes; more than one in four live in multiunit structures.

• Two-thirds of homes are owner-occupied.

• Major concentrations of these neighborhoods are found in the suburban periphery of large metropolitan areas on the California coast and along the East Coast.

• Most households have two vehicles available. Commuting time is slightly longer, but commuting by bicycle is common (Index 252)



• Well educated, more than 65% of residents hold a bachelor’s degree or higher (Index 212).

• Unemployment rate is well below average at 3.3% (Index 61); labor force participation is higher at 68%.

• Residents are employed in white collar occupations—in managerial, technical, and legal positions.

• Nearly 40% of households receive income from investments.

• Environmentally aware, residents actively recycle and maintain a “green” lifestyle.

• These busy, tech-savvy residents use PCs extensively for an array of activities such as shopping, banking, and staying current—a top market for Apple computers.

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