Armed with the motto “you’re only young once,” Trendsetters residents live life to its full potential. These educated young singles aren’t ready to settle down; they tend to not own homes or vehicles and choose to spend their disposable income on upscale city living and entertain- ment. Dressed head to toe in the most current fashions, their weeknights and weekends are filled discovering local art and culture, dining out, or exploring new hobbies. Their vacations are often spontaneous, packed with new experiences and chronicled on their Facebook pages.



• Trendsetters residents are singles— living alone or with roommates
or partners.

• More than 75% rent in upscale, multiunit structures.

• High-rent cities like New York;
San Francisco; Chicago; and Washington, DC are popular among renters willing to pay well above

US average rent (Index 138).

• Commuting can take up to an hour; public transportation, walking, and biking are popular; many own
no vehicle.



• These residents are young and well educated; more than half have a bachelor’s degree or more.

• Well paid, with little financial responsibility, these consumers are spenders rather than savers. They seek financial advice and are already building their stock portfolios.

• Image is important to these consumers. They use the Internet to keep up with the latest styles and trends and shop around for good deals.

• Trendsetters residents travel often, exploring new destinations and experiences.

• Socially and environmentally conscious, they
are willing to pay more for products that support their causes.

• Up-to-date on technology, they explore and exploit all the features of their smartphones.

• They are attentive to good health and nutrition.

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