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The residents of the wealthiest Tapestry market, Top Tier, earn more than three times the US household income. They have the purchasing power to indulge any choice, but what do their hearts’ desire? Aside from the obvious expense for the upkeep of their lavish homes, consumers select upscale salons, spas, and fitness centers for their personal well-being and shop at high-end retailers for their personal effects. Whether short or long, domestic or foreign, their frequent vacations spare no expense. Residents fill their weekends and evenings with opera, classical music concerts, charity dinners, and shopping. These highly educated professionals have reached their corporate career goals. With an accumulated average net worth of over 3 million dollars and income from a strong investment portfolio, many of these older residents have moved into consulting roles or operate their own businesses.



• Married couples without children or married couples with older children dominate this market.

• Housing units are owner occupied with the highest home values—and above average use of mortgages.

• Neighborhoods are older and located in the suburban periphery of the largest metropolitan areas, especially along the coasts.



• Top Tier is a highly educated, successful consumer market: more than one in three residents has a postgraduate degree.

• Annually, they earn more than three times the US median household income, primarily from wages and salary, but also self-employment income (Index 177) and investments (Index 251).

• These are the nation’s wealthiest consumers. They hire financial advisers to manage their diverse investment portfolios but stay abreast of current financial trends and products.

• Socially responsible consumers who aim for a balanced lifestyle, they are goal oriented and hardworking but make time for their kids or grandkids and maintain a close-knit group of friends.

• These busy consumers seek variety in life. They take an interest in the fine arts; read to expand their knowledge; and consider the Internet, radio, and newspapers as key media sources.

• They regularly cook their meals at home, attentive to good nutrition and fresh organic foods.

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