Southwestern Families




Residents in these neighborhoods are young families that form the foundation of Hispanic life in the Southwest. Children are the center of households that are composed mainly of married couples with children and single-parent families. Grandparents are caregivers in some of these households. Recent arrivals and older generations are language-isolated. Much of the working-age population is employed in blue-collar occupations, specializing in skilled work, as well as building maintenance and service jobs. Spending is focused on the family and at-home entertainment, but they do like to gamble (casinos and lottery tickets).



• A family market: Married couples with kids, single parents, and grandparents head these households.

• Average household size is higher at 3.20 (Index 124).

• Many residents were born abroad (Index 242); many households have residents who speak only Spanish (Index 569).

• Over 45% of householders rent single-family homes within a mix of urban city centers and the suburbs in metropolitan areas.

• Neighborhoods are older; most of the homes constructed prior to 1970.

• Nearly 70% of all households have one or two vehicles available.



• While close to 32% have attended or graduated from college, nearly 40% did not complete high school, which has limited their employment prospects.

• High rate of unemployment is at 9%
(Index 168), and low labor force participation is at 52% (Index 84).

• Most households receive income from wages or salaries, but over 35% receive contributions from Social Security and over 12% from Supplemental Security Income.

• While budget-conscious consumers, they are also mindful of quality and attentive to environmental concerns in their purchasing decisions.

• Often, purchase decisions are based on how a product may improve or organize their lives.

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