Southern Satellites




Southern Satellites is the second largest market found in rural settlements but within metropolitan areas located primarily in the South. This market is typically nondiverse, slightly older, settled married-couple families, who own their homes. Two-thirds of the homes are single-family structures; almost a third are mobile homes. Median household income and home value are below average. Workers are employed in a variety of industries, such as manufacturing, health care, retail trade, and construction, with higher proportions in mining and agriculture than the US. Residents enjoy country living, preferring outdoor activities and DIY home projects.



• About 78% of households are owned.

• Married couples with no children are the dominant household type, with a number of multigenerational households (Index 112).

• Most are single-family homes (67%), with a number of mobile homes (Index 509).

• Most housing units were built in 1970 or later.

• Most households own 1 or 2 vehicles, but owning 3+ vehicles is common (Index 144).



• Education: almost 40% have a high school diploma only (Index 140); 45% have college education (Index 73).

• Unemployment rate is 6%, slightly higher than the US rate.

• Labor force participation rate is 59.1%, slightly lower than the US.

• These consumers are more concerned about cost rather than quality or brand loyalty.

• They tend to be somewhat late in adapting to technology.

• They obtain a disproportionate amount of their information from TV, compared to other media.

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