Soccer Moms




Soccer Moms is an affluent, family-oriented market with a country flavor. Residents are partial to new housing away from the bustle of the city but close enough to commute to professional job centers. Life in this suburban wilderness offsets the hectic pace of two working parents with growing children. They favor time-saving devices, like banking online or housekeeping services, and family-oriented pursuits.



• Soccer Moms residents prefer the suburban periphery of metropolitan areas.

• Predominantly single family, homes are in newer neighborhoods, 34% built in the 1990s (Index 236), 31% built since 2000.

• Owner-occupied homes have high rate of mortgages at 68% (Index 164), and low rate vacancy at 4%.

• Median home value is $257,400. • Most households are married couples with children; average household size is 2.97.

• Most households have 2 or 3 vehicles; long travel time to work including a disproportionate number commuting from a different county (Index 132).



• Education: 40.5% college graduates; more than 72% with some college education.

• Low unemployment at 3.8%; high labor force participation rate at 71%; 2 out of 3 households include 2+ workers (Index 124).

• Connected, with a host of wireless devices from iPods to tablets—anything that enables convenience, like banking, paying bills, or even shopping online.

• Well insured and invested in a range of funds, from savings accounts or bonds to stocks.

• Carry a higher level of debt, including first (Index 149) and second mortgages (Index 154) and auto loans (Index 149).

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