Small Town Simplicity




Small Town Simplicity includes young families and senior householders that are bound by community ties. The lifestyle is down-to-earth and semirural, with television for entertainment and news, and emphasis on convenience for both young parents and senior citizens. Residents embark on pursuits including online computer games, renting movies, indoor gardening, and rural activities like hunting and fishing. Since 1 in 4 households is below poverty level, residents also keep their finances simple—paying bills in person and avoiding debt.



• They reside in small towns or semirural neighborhoods, mostly outside metropolitan areas.

• Homes are a mix of older single-family houses (61%), apartments, and mobile homes.

• Half of all homes are owner-occupied (Index 79).

• Median home value of $92,300 is about half the US median.

• Average rent is $639 (Index 62).

• This is an older market, with half of the householders aged 55 years or older, and predominantly single-person households (Index 139).



• Education: 67% with high school diploma or some college.

• Unemployment higher at 7.7% (Index 141).

• Labor force participation lower at 52% (Index 83), which could result from lack of jobs or retirement.

• Income from wages and salaries (Index 83), Social Security (Index 133) or retirement (Index 106), increased by Supplemental Security Income (Index 183).

• Price-conscious consumers that shop accordingly, with coupons at discount centers.

• Connected, but not to the latest or greatest gadgets; keep their landlines.

• Community-orientated residents; more conservative than middle-of-the-road.

• Rely on television or newspapers to stay informed.

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