Silver and Gold




Almost the oldest senior market (second to The Elders), the difference of 9 years in median age reveals a socioeconomic difference: This is the most affluent senior market and is still growing. The affluence of Silver and Gold has afforded the opportunity to retire to sunnier climates that feature exclusive communities and vacation homes. These consumers have the free time, stamina, and resources to enjoy the good life.



• Residents of Silver and Gold prefer a more bucolic setting, but close to metropolitan cities.

• Predominantly single-family, owner-occupied homes that have a median value of $385,700 (Index 186).

• Neighborhoods include seasonal or vacation homes, reflected in the high vacancy rate of 43%.

• Mostly older married couples with no children, average household size is 2.03.



• Well-educated seniors, 47% have college degree(s).

• Primarily retired, but many still active in the labor force, participation rate of 41%.

• Low unemployment at 4.4% (Index 81); with self-employment highest among Tapestry markets (Index 218).

• More than half of the households with income from wages/salaries, Social Security, or investments, many drawing retirement income (Index 213).

• Connected, but primarily to get news and track investments, more likely to own an e-reader or tablet than a smartphone.

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