Set to Impress




Set to Impress is depicted by medium to large multiunit apartments with lower than average rents. These apartments are often nestled into neighborhoods with other businesses or single-family housing. Nearly one in three residents is 20 to 34 years old, and over half of the homes are single person and nonfamily households. Although many residents live alone, they preserve close connections with their family. Income levels are low; many work in food service while they are attending college. This group is always looking for a deal. They are very conscious of their image and seek to bolster their status with the latest fashion. Set to Impress residents are tapped into popular music and the local music scene.



• Apartment complexes represented by multiple multiunit structures are often nestled in neighborhoods with either single-family homes or other businesses.

• Renters make up nearly three quarters of all households.

• They’re found mostly in urban areas, but also in suburbs.

• Single-person households make up over 40% of all households.

• It is easy enough to walk or bike to work for many residents.



• Residents are better educated and mobile.

• Unemployment is higher, although many are still enrolled in college (Index 141).

• They always have an eye out for a sale and will stock up when the price is right.

• They prefer name brands, but will buy generic when it is a better deal.

• Quick meals on the run are a reality of life.

• They’re image-conscious consumers that dress to impress and often make impulse buys.

• They maintain close relationships with family.

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