Senior Escapes




Senior Escapes neighborhoods are heavily concentrated in the warmer states of Florida, California, and Arizona. These areas are highly seasonal, yet owner occupied. Many homes began as seasonal getaways and now serve as primary residences. Nearly forty percent are mobile homes; over half are single-family dwellings. About half are in unincorporated and more rural areas. Nearly one-fifth of the population is between 65 and 74 years old. Most are white and fairly conservative in their political and religious views. Residents enjoy watching TV, going on cruises, playing trivia games, bicycling, boating, and fishing. They are very conscious of their health and buy specialty foods and dietary supplements.



• Neighborhoods include primary and second homes in rural or semirural settings.

• One quarter of all housing units are vacant; many are for seasonal use only.

• More than one-third of the households are married couples without children; a third are single-person households.

• More than half the homes are single family; nearly 40% are mobile homes.

• Three-quarters of all homes are owner occupied, and the majority own their homes free and clear.

• Still actively driving, most households have one or two vehicles.



• Labor force participation is low, but more than half the households are drawing Social Security income.

• They have conservative political views.

• They spend majority of their time with spouse/significant other or alone.

• They are limited by medical conditions but still enjoy gardening and working on their vehicles.

• They take good care of vehicles, but haven’t bought a new one in over five years.

• They only spend within their means, do their banking in person, and do not carry a balance on their credit card.

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