Salt of the Earth




Salt of the Earth residents are entrenched in their traditional, rural lifestyles. Citizens here are older, and many have grown children that have moved away. They still cherish family time and also tending to their vegetable gardens and preparing homemade meals. Residents embrace the outdoors; they spend most of their free time preparing for their next fishing, boating, or camping trip. The majority has at least a high school diploma or some college education; many have expanded their skill set during their years of employment in the manufacturing and related industries. They may be experts with DIY projects, but the latest technology is not their forte. They use it when absolutely necessary, but seek face-to-face contact in their routine activities.



• This large segment is concentrated in the Midwest, particularly in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana.

• Due to their rural setting, households own two vehicles to cover their long commutes, often across county boundaries.

• Home ownership rates are very high (Index 133). Single-family homes are affordable, valued at 25 percent less than the national market.

• Nearly two in three households are com posed of married couples; less than half have children at home.



• Steady employment in construction, manufacturing, and related service industries.

• Completed education: 40% with a high school diploma only.

• Household income just over the national median, while net worth is nearly double the national median.

• Spending time with family their top priority.

• Cost-conscious consumers, loyal to brands they like, with a focus on buying American.

• Last to buy the latest and greatest products.

• Try to eat healthy, tracking the nutrition and ingredients in the food they purchase.

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