Rooted Rural




Rooted Rural is heavily concentrated in the Appalachian mountain range as well as in Texas and Arkansas. Employment in the forestry industry is common, and Rooted Rural residents live in many of the heavily forested regions of the country. Nearly 9 of 10 residents are non-Hispanic whites. This group enjoys time spent outdoors, hunting, fishing, or working in their gardens. Indoors, they enjoy watching television with a spouse and spending time with their pets. When shopping, they look for American-made and generic products. These communities are heavily influenced by religious faith, traditional gender roles, and family history.



• This market is dominated by married couples, few with children at home.

• 80% of homes are owner occupied: primarily single family (73%) or mobile homes (24%).

• Nearly one in five housing units are vacant, with a high proportion for seasonal use.

• Home values are very low—almost half of owned homes are valued under $100,000.



• Thrifty shoppers that use coupons frequently and buy generic goods.

• Far-right political values on religion and marriage.

• Do-it-yourself mentality; grow their own produce and work on their cars and ATVs.

• Pay bills in person and avoid using the Internet for financial transactions.

• Often find computers and cell phones too complicated and confusing.

• Clothes a necessity, not a fashion statement; only buy new clothes when old clothes wear out.

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